Therapeutic Holistic Healing

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the option of seeing your therapist without any face-to-face contact, either via
video call or phone call.
We use secure, HIPAA-compliant services to provide online therapy to our clients.
If you wish to have video sessions, you will need a computer or smartphone and an internet
connection or data plan.
If you are doing phone sessions, all you need is a phone.
Telehealth is quite user-friendly, and we will be glad to help you explore this option.

Who can benefit from online therapy?
● Clients can benefit from online therapy for several reasons.
● Transportation limitations
● Living in a rural area or preferring not to travel to the office
● Childcare limitations
● Aging or disability that makes traveling to the office challenging
● Access to a greater number of providers and specialties in a wider area
● Saving time by having sessions from your home or office